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. the city of san francisco is providing new hope. how the city believes it can one-day and perhaps soon, stop the spread of the disease. >> at the center tonight, there is talk of the unimaginable. talk about zero. >> zero new infections. zero new deaths for persons living with hiv and zero stigma is a bold aspiration. >> three decades after the city began to be ravaged by disease and death, could it be possible? zero new cases of hiv in the city? at the peek of the epidemic in 1992, there were 2300 new infections per year among gay men in san francisco. now, a dramatic drop with about 400 new infections per year. still a lot, but that's less than 1% infection rate among men having sex with men. >> we can reduce 400 down to zero. that is really what we are trying to do. >> how would san francisco achieve zero? first of all, everybody would need to be tested. everybody. next, you have to get everyone who has hiv consistently taking their meds. doctors have recently found out that the medicines don't just treat the disease, they can keep aids from spreading to new people. as for thos
and then it's all of the bay area minus the city of san francisco tomorrow. not many exceptions to that rule. the rule will be sub freezing temperatures. these are your lows for tonight. santa rosa, down to 28. calstoga, 29. and sunny vail down to 35 degrees. this is just the beginning. the cold front just arrived. this will last a while. we'll talk about how long the cold air will stick around and how low the snow level is going to go. some spots may see some snow coming up. we'll talk about where and when coming up. >> thank you, paul. a bit of a scare tonight for a fremont family. they were at home when some live wires came down outside nearly setting their house on fire. it happened a little after 7:00 on lauren drive. the homeowner told us she never called 911 until tonight. >> we have vines on the side of our fence. it caught on fire. we were just inside and the lights went out and then we started smelling smoke inside. so we went to go check outside and we saw the flames on the side of our house. >> firefighters kept the flames from spreading. all that was damaged was the fence. pg
dellums was the first to introduce legislation in 1972, the city of berkeley became the first in the nation to divest from south africa. >> in the 80s, the movement on the campuses really began in force. >> assemblywoman was part of that movement. sit ins and mass arrests at uc berkeley to force the campus to cut ties with corporations linked with the appar tide regime. the board of regions voted to digress. mandela's visit was emotional for the east bay. >> i will never, ever forget it. ever. >> skinner says south africa's hard fought victory was one the east bay shared. >> it was so thrilling that we americans, that we east bay residents could have been part of something with that kind of global impact. >> in oakland, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> another bay area politician involved, willie brown. he served as the host when mandela made his bay area visit in 1990. >> there are some bay area services to honor nelson mandela. the group are both in the planning stages. the memorial church plans to hold its service this sunday. and you can see mandela's life in pictures and
for wednesday, december 11, at 8:00 a.m. at city hall. mayor's office will also have a condolence book starting on monday. the public can sign that. flags in the city have been ordered to fly at half staff until next sunday. >>> and tomorrow, we will air a special one-hour tribute to the life in the work of nelson mandela and you can see it beginning at 6:00 on our sister station, kpix5. >> these two teams, they don't like each other. >> hoping to avoid a scene like this. bay area police come up with their game plan attack. any trouble at candle stick this weekend. >> ice storm working its way across the nation turns deadly. the main focus covering 800 miles of road. >> at risk, bay area kids on a mission they never thought they would experience. what they are learning to give them a head start to their future. ,,,,,,,,,,,, at a minivan ful >>> this scene sparked national outrage in new mexico police officers shooting at a mini van full of children. tonight that officer is out of a job. the state police fired montoya days after suspending him. he can, however, appeal the decision. the video
for the entire bay area with one exception, san francisco. even for the city we'll be below freezing, a hard freeze for many. here are the current temperature. pet aluma and vaca -- peta luma. these are the overnight lows. low to mid-twice for santa rosa, liver more 25, san jose 29 and below freezing for fremont, mountain view and redwood city. it will be colder tomorrow morning and the air is coming from the attack. it is a pipeline keeping the cold air coming. we know we're under a free warning. joe, you are telling me that not everyone can agree this is cold? >> right. comfort 11s vary. i have my four layers on, i don't like the cold. you can see here the bank sign says 36 degrees, it will plunge another 10 plus degrees. people in santa rosa prepare for this but they don't agree on how comfortable it. >> i'm always cold whether it's summer or winter. >> when it's freezing. >> i'm shaking. >> not so cold, i'm jumping up and down. not as wet and rainy but we have the cold. >> serious coat for our winter cold. i want it to snow. >> your teeth are chattering. >> it's freezing out here. >> he'
:00 a.m. at city hall. it's starting monday the mayor's office will also have a condolence book that the public can sign. flags in the city have been ordered to fly at half staff until next sunday. >>> and arktist plaque still has a -- blast still has a strong grip on the midwest. >> creating conditions on the roads and in the skies. parts of little rock, arkansas appeared frozen in time. they became solid sheets of ice overnight. >> and thousands of travelers were left stranded at dallas fort worth international airport. more than 1,000 flights have been canceled since thursday leaving many to spend the night on cots. >>> well, sharing personal information without being asked to. how california's health care exchange says the move is meant to help consumers. >> and no sill rans to fight this -- villains to fight this time. the mission that brought bat kid back the san francisco today. ,,,,,, ,,,,,, weren't expecting. california >>> if you've looked into getting health care through covered california, you may get some calls that you weren't expecting. california's health exchang
all this weekend. they will hold their own memorial for mandela wednesday morning at city hall. >>> a stanford medical team returned home today after two weeks of helping with typhoon haiyan relief efforts. during their time in the philippines, they treated about 200 patients a day. they were a part of an international medical team, seeing incredible progress. they treated cuts, infections, and other injuries, but also provided emotional support. >> and just them listening about the stories, and i think that they feel good. my present, our presence actually makes them feel good. and they are very grateful for that. >> reporter: the team says while there is tremendous devastation, the trip was draining, but they came away with a real sense of optimism. >>> cities are still picking up the pieces a month after the storm. the city took a direct hit. an estimated 90% of it was destroyed. hundreds of people, they were still missing as experts say it could be a decade before the reconstruction efforts are complete. >> well, fast cars, flowers, a whole lot of fame. and why this tribute
is expected to be a tough one near new york city. rescue be recovery crews are working in the wreckage of a train that killed four and injured 60. the train was rounding a sharp curve on the way to manhattan this morning. >> the governor of new york is asking people to keep the vehicle's families and survivors in their thoughts as investigators try to figure out how this derailment happens. >> ray seven car metro north train jumped the tracks with the first car coming to a stop at the waters edge. it happened on a curve section of the track. >> it made a loud shifts noise and the next thing i know two people come flying at me. >> about 100 passengers were on the train. the bodies of three victims were found on the ground. a fourth was removed from inside the train. police divers searched the water on the make sure no one was thrown in. on a workday fully occupied would have been a tremendous thing. >> i got thrown across back and forth and came to a halt and there were people screaming. >> fire crews used air bags to free trapped passengers and cut the cars to get people out. >> it hap
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8